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Washing Machine Repair

Take the help from best professionals for your Bosch washing machine issues. Do not hesitate to call our dedicated customer support for Bosch washing machines. An experienced and knowledgeable executive will attend to all your queries and complaints. The customer support staff would also forward your complaint to concerned department for quick action.


Refrigerator Repair

Bosch refrigerator customer care offers help in providing all information about its range of fridges. We are a central point for troubleshooting all refrigerator problems. Call us now to arrange for a site visit by qualified technician. We are available 24×7 for all Bosch refrigerator related queries.


Microwave Repair

Call the Bosch microwave customer care for quick resolution of all issues. Quick response to customer complaints and right quality solution for microwave issues are two of our fortes. Good network of expert technicians for Bosch microwaves in Delhi-NCR region provides us competitive edge over others for fast service delivery.

Why to call us for Bosch Home Appliances Services?

Professional Technicians

Offer remote and on-site support for Bosch refrigerators, washing machines and microwave appliances. Provide information about products and take complaints.

24x7 Online Support

We provide 24x7 online support on phone and We take pride in delivering fast service.

Doorstep Services

At present our services are available in Delhi and its adjoining cities of Gurugram (Gurgaon), Noida and Faridabad. We have experienced technicians of Bosch products in nook and corner of these cities.

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Bosch Customer Care in Delhi NCR

Bosch Refrigerator Service Center in Delhi :Bosch is one of the major players in home appliances industry. These machines, including refrigerators, are highly durable and reliable, capable of functioning for many years. However, problems can develop over a period of time with the usage which might warrant calling up the Bosch refrigerator service center in Delhi.

Bosch Refrigerator Service Center in Gurgaon : It is always suggested to call the Bosch refrigerator service center in Gurgaon rather than experimenting with the components and controls of the fridge on your own. The modern refrigerators are quite advanced in technology and using hit and trial methods even for minor problem might lead to creation of a major problem.

Bosch Refrigerator Service Center in Faridabad :Make use of the online medium to find the reliable Bosch refrigerator service center in Faridabad. Online reviews of the service providers are a good way of finding the right provider. However, these reviews shall be genuine and at a platform which is known to provide only genuine reviews. Social media, third-party web resources and search engines are some of the platforms to look for reliable providers.

Bosch Refrigerator Service Center in Noida : Refrigerator might be a common appliance, found in almost every modern home but it is also a sophisticated machine with many components and controls which make it functional. Smart refrigerators from Bosch are a cut above the rest. For this reason, if anything goes wrong, it is pertinent to approach the most reliable person or enterprise for resolving the problem. Call our service center in Noida.

Bosch Washing Machine Service Center in Delhi : Whether it is the need for regular servicing or repairing the washing machine, Bosch washing machine service center in Delhi offers all types of services. Bosch customer care sends off the technician from the nearest center to reach you in shortest possible time so that problem is resolved at the earliest, causing least inconvenience.

Bosch Washing Machine Service Center in Gurgaon : Bosch washing machine service center in Gurgaon is well stocked with all the components of different models of its machines so that all replacement problems could be taken care of. It also employs the best tools and equipments to ensure that quality workmanship is rendered. Further, the manpower is well-trained in respective roles.

Bosch Washing Machine Service Center in Faridabad : Nothing would match the customer-orientation of the Bosch washing machine service center in Faridabad. Right from customer support executives to the person who visits your place for examining the machine, the zest to service customers is unmistakable. This is also what makes people call the center ahead of many others in the city.

Bosch Washing Machine Service Center in Noida: You can always expect the executives working at the Bosch washing machine service center in Noida to be highly trained in their work. The company takes care to train them on all the models of machines that are currently in the market as the query can arise for any model of the machine. This going extra mile to impart holistic training to the staff as per their roles makes the service center a cut above the rest.

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